The Row
1-13 Washington Square North [c.1832-3]

This row of Greek Revival row houses was built as an income-generating project for the Sailor's Snug Harbor. It marks the first stage in the evolution of New York into a modern city characterized by distinct residential and commercial districts. The Row was originally home to some of New York City's foremost merchants, bankers, community leaders and cultural figures. Among the original lessees were New York University council members James Tallmadge, who lived at Number 5, and John Johnston, whose house was Number 7. Stylistic unity, high quality construction and the absence of trade and industry were terms stipulated in the land lease. With extra wide and deep lots, numerous luxury features and facades set back twelve feet from the property line, this block of houses was among the most lavish of its time, and is today one of the finest rows of Greek Revival houses in the country.