New York University Main Building
100 Washington Square, Alfred Zucker [1892-95]

Built to replace NYU's original Main Building--Town, Davis & Dakin's Gothic Revival structure constructed in 1837--this light brick, stone and terra-cotta edifice housed the schools of commerce, law and pedagogy as well as the offices of the American Book Company. This combination of institutional and commercial tenants is apparent in the building's tripartite facade design. The presence of the University on the three top floors is marked by engaged Ionic columns capped by pediments. In 1927, due to the pressures of a growing post-war student body, NYU took over the entire building. Main Building became the home of NYU's Washington Square College until the University returned to Washington Square after giving up its second Bronx Campus in 1972. Zucker was a German born and trained architect. Ironically, nine other university buildings designed by Zucker were built in this formerly commercial area, as lofts and wholesale stores, only to be taken over later by NYU as its institutional functions increased.