Row Houses
341-357 West End Avenue, Lamb and Rich, architects and developers

The only block of row houses dating from 1890s West End Avenue that was not demolished, this group is built in a variety of materials and styles which emphasize the individuality of each structure within a continuous and coherent row. Reflecting the change in domestic construction that took place as the economy recovered from the depression of the mid-1880s, these buildings are relatively grand in scale and complex in their architectural expression. Stone, brick, terra-cotta and bronze are used to enhance the individual facades.

While the distinctive designs distinguish each house from its neighbors, repeated elements remind the viewer that these row houses were built as a group. This design strategy stands in marked contrast to the uniformity of the Italianate rowhouses built on the Upper East Side during the 1860s and 1870s. This novel approach helped developers to market such row houses successfully in the 1890s.