Walk 5: Soho

The stream which drained the old Collect Pond provided a scenic setting for the development of speculative row houses in the first decades of the 19th century. The red brick row houses of the region just to the north of this stream or canal (now knows as Canal Street) did not long remain residential. The city's growth northward and the popularity of Broadway as a shopping and hotel street put economic pressure on the owners of properties in the area today called SOHO which stands for SOuth of HOuston. The row houses gave way to commercial properties, created by either replacing the rows completely or by enlarging and deepening the old buildings and adding new facades along the street. These facades were often made of panels of cast iron bolted to the brick wall. The new commercial businesses seemed to glitter in the mid-century sun, making this region the heart of the shopping area with hotels and even a night club. Because there were so many iron fronts, and due to the neglect of the area in the 20th century, a large number of cast-iron buildings have survived to this day, making Soho the largest cast-iron district remaining in the world.

10 Greene Street, John Snook [1869]
23 Greene Street, Isaac Duckworth [1873]
28-30 Greene Street, Isaac Duckworth [1872]
85 Grand Street, William Hume [1872, 1883 Addition]
91 and 93 Grand Street, John Snook [1869]
Gunther Building, 469 Broome Street, Griffith Thomas [1871-2]
Cheney Building, 477-81 Broome Street, Elisha Sniffen [1872-3]
Broome and Mercer Office Building [Early 1890's]
71 Greene Street, Henry Fernbach, 1873
72 Greene Street, Isaac Duckworth [1873]
101 Spring Street, Nicholas Whyte [1870]
Roosevelt Building, 480 Broadway, Richard Morris Hunt [1873]
Haughwout Building, 488 Broadway, John P. Gaynor [1856]
502 Broadway, John Kellum & Son [1860]
The Little Singer Building, 561-3 Broadway, Ernest Flagg [1904]

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