Trump Tower, 725 5th Avenue, Der Scutt (design architect) and Swanke Hayden Connell (architects) [1983]

A tall residential tower, this building takes its architectural cues from the surrounding commercial district in a posh area of Manhattan located at the crossroads of Midtown and Central Park. Trump Tower is a sleek high-rise clad in dark reflective glass with setbacks beginning near of the base of the tower which lessen the impact of its bulk on the street below. Inside, the building features a multi-story shopping atrium clad in expensive stone with brass accents. A cascading waterfall directly across from the entrance forms the monumental centerpiece of the open interior. The expensive, upscale boutiques are accessed by escalators that rise dramatically through the airy space of the atrium. Intended for an exclusive, wealthy clientele, the luxurious shopping experience at the base of the building is accessible to the general public.