Radio City Music Hall
Edward Durrell Stone (architect) and Donald Deskey (interior) [1932]

A vestige of the large entertainment component found in the earlier plan for Rockefeller Center, this theater was a larger version of the music halls and theaters around Times Square. Originally intended for use as a vaudeville music hall which would be "the showplace of the nation," this theater features a stunning Art Deco interior decorated with golden rays and plaster arches. At the time it was built, the theater had many innovative technical features including a revolving stage, three moveable sections of stage flooring, and sophisticated scenery equipment. When the success of this theater was threatened by the newly popular genre of sound film, it was taken over by Rockefeller Center and RCA. After being adapted as a movie theater for a brief period of time, the facility was resurrected as a music hall and immortalized by the famous chorus line dancers known as the Rockettes.