This 70-story tower is the focal point of the entire Rockefeller Center complex.

In Hood's design, the vertical and Gothic-inspired detailing of the building's austere Art Deco facade is integrated with a slim, functionally expressive form. Inside, this modern skyscraper features an open floor plan. Like the other buildings in the complex, whose overall appearance varies little from the RCA tower, this structure is clad in fine materials. Deer Island granite covers the building base to a height of four feet, and the shaft has a refined facade of Indiana limestone with aluminum spandrel panels. Lee Lawrie's limestone and glass sculptural relief marks the main entrance.

Inside the lobby, Jose Maria Sert's painted on canvas mural on the theme of American Progress replaced a more controversial work painted as a traditional fresco by the left-wing artists Diego Rivera and Ben Shahn. The lobby's rich materials and reduced black and beige ornamental scheme is enhanced by dramatic lighting. An escalator--a striking feature for the time--provides access to the shopping concourse below.


GE Building, originally RCA Building
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Raymond Hood [1933]