Appellate Court
35 East 25th Street, James Brown Lord [1900-02]

This building is the incongruous product of an unusual decision to situate a branch of the New York State's court system on a site occupied by row houses, on the edge of a genteel residential neighborhood. An example of Beaux Arts architecture, the building combines historic styles, rich materials and an extensive decorative program. In this structure, the architect attached a Roman temple front to a Renaissance palazzo body which is surmounted by a sculptural group based on the Acropolis's Erectheum. The building's surprisingly small scale--uncharacteristic of Beaux Arts architecture--does not compromise its dignified civic identity. Frederick Ruckstuhl's sculptures of Wisdom and Force flank the entrance portal, while Karl Bitter's figure of Peace and Daniel Chester French's figure of Justice surmount the cornice.

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