Grand Hyatt Hotel
East 42nd Street at Lexington Avenue, Warren & Wetmore [1911]

The original building on this site was built as the Commodore Hotel which was named for "Commodore" Cornelius Vanderbilt. Designed to cater to passengers traveling through the new Grand Central Terminal, it was intended as one element of a larger, multi-building commercial development called "Terminal City" planned for the area directly around the terminal. A 1980 renovation by Hyatt Hotels was undertaken by Der Scutt in association with Gruzen & Partners. The architects stripped the building down to its steel structure and added a new reflective glass skin to the exterior. Although the basic shape of the building was retained, it contains no other remnant of its former appearance. Rather garish detailing and large retail stores at the ground level complete the transformation of this early 20th century building into a late modern glass monolith.