This site was created for Mosette Broderick's "Architecture in New York, a field study" course, taught in the Department of Fine Arts (undergraduate division), in the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University. It was created as a supplement to the in-class and on-site presentations which are the core of this course. We hope this site will be useful and interesting to anyone interested in the history of architecture and New York City.

This site was created and produced by Timothy Donehoo for the Department of Fine Arts, New York University.

Introductory text to each section written by Mosette Broderick

Text for the walks written by Ariela Katz, Mosette Broderick and Tami Hausman

Text editor: Tami Hausman

Design and production assistant, photography and scanning: Jason Varone

HTML and JavaScript: Timothy Donehoo

Photography: the photographic images on this site came from diverse sources, primarily the work of Jason Varone, supplemented by Jason Rosenfeld, Timothy Donehoo, and the Department of Fine Arts slide collection which includes photography by Matthew Kennedy, and Seth Jason. Vintage photographs and postcards were also used in some places. We are currently compiling a detailed list of photo credits for this site.

We would like to give special thanks to Kayla Stotzky in the Department of Fine Arts, without whom this site would not have been possible.