Internet Reference Tools for Art History                                

For articles (as well as other materials):

Go to:

You must access this via the NYU network or it won't work. (If you bookmark this, it will show up in your bookmark list as "The Bobst Library at NYU: Databases.)

Click on "Humanities." You will see a table listing a series of databases. The two most important for your purposes are "Art Abstracts" and the "Bibliography of the History of Art." To use either, click on the word "Web" in the box to the right of the listing. This will bring up a search window. Enter the artist's name (in LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME format) or the topic you are researching.

Also, see the Art Index at
and the Periodical Index at
Again, when you get to the display screen, click on “Web” to get a search window.

For books and catalogues:

Go to the Bobcat Plus start page:

Click on "Start a Session." The resulting search window allows you to search the NYU libraries catalogue. However, you can search the combined catalogues of other reference libraries by going to the blue bar at the top of the window and clicking on "Select Database".

Two particularly useful catalogues in the left column of the resulting page are:

RLIN (Research Libraries Information Network)

OCLC WorldCat

(You can also access the "Bibliography of the History of Art" by clicking on its name in the right column of the same page.)

Additional bibliography for modern art:

Go to: This allows you to search DADABASE, the catalogue of the library at The Museum of Modern Art.

New York Public Library (general):


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