Visiting Samantha
Barbara: I am Samantha's godmother and I love Sam very much. She's a great person. Sam and I love to cook together, whenever we have a chance. She told us a very funny story about her pet tree frog. Once, when she was playing with the frog, her mother was laughing and the frog jumped right into her mother's mouth! These little frogs can jump very far and very suddenly. Max and I once had a little Australian tree frog for a pet. It was very beautiful. Please note the incredible red lips telephone beside her bed. Her room is a treasure box. Pink is her favorite color. Sam has appeared on television and has spoken about familial dysautonomia in front of an audience of hundreds of people. What stage presence!

Noam: I had lots of fun at Sam's. She was very friendly and open about everything. She invited us to watch one of her favorite movies with her called "Ghost Writer." I've seen the T.V. show and I had lots of fun watching the movie. It was really cool. I loved her dog "Smokey." She was really cute and she reminded me of my dog "Lucky." One of Barbara's friends that was there, Dave, had a really cool tattoo of a couger on his right arm. Coincidently, on one of his journeys to the long lost Mayan land, he found a couger head out of pottery that matched his tattoo. It was really neat.

Doron: I had a great time at Sams's. She bought a new scooter and I showed everybody the tricks that I know how to do. We watched T.V. and we ate pizza. We also met Sam's dog Smokey. Very cute dog.
day 10