Fall 1999


Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett/Fred Moten

Anita Cherian, Branislav Jakovljevic, Jaime Morrison

This course explores performance, performativity, and Performance Studies from a variety of perspectives. We begin by considering the historical formation of Performance Studies as a field of study and conclude with a discussion of future directions. T he intervening sessions are organized into three units. At the heart of each unit is a particular performance-our own toy theatres, drag (vogue balls), and opera (Carmen). We will relate these performances to theoretical and methodological issues that the y and the readings raise. Weekly written responses to the readings and to the performances will provide the basis for class discussions, oral presentations, and two short essays.


Introduction: Histories of Performance Studies

9/13 Pavis, Dictionary of the Theatre. (Read the following entries: Perception, erformance Analysis, Performance Art, Performance Text, Performer, Performing Arts, Theatre Art, Theatre of Everyday Life, Theatricality, Theatrical P erformance, Theatrical Reality, Total Theatre, Theatron, Theory of Theatre)

Schechner, "Performance Studies: The Broad Spectrum Approach"

Pelias and VanOosting, "A Paradigm for Performance Studies"


9/20 Yom Kippur: no class


9/27 Austin, How to Do Things with Words

Cavell, "Counter-Philosophy and the Pawn of Voice"

Derrida, "Signature Event Context"


Unit 1: Life of Objects

10/4 Cixous, "Grace and Innocence: Heinrich von Kleist"

Craig, "The Actor and the Über-Marionette"

de Man, "Aesthetic Formalization: Kleist's Über das Marionettentheater"

Gropius & Wensinger, The Theater of the Bauhaus

Kleist, "On the Marionette Theater"


10/11 Toy Theatre Workshop

Stephen Kaplin, "The Puppet Tree," in special issue of TDR devoted to puppets, edited by John Bell (fall 1999).


10/17 Sunday: All-day Toy Theatre Workshop and evening performance


10/18 Discussion of Toy Theatre Performances


10/25 Appadurai, ed., The Social Life of Things


Unit 2: Bodies Of Ethnography


11/1 First essay due: 8-10 pages

Performance tba

Asad, "From the History of Colonial Anthropology to the Anthropology of Western


Clifford, "On Ethnographic Self-fashioning"

Fabian, Time and the Other, Ch. 4

Malinowski, "Introduction" in Argonauts of the Western Pacific; "The Kula" in The Ethnography of Malinowski; A Diary in the Strict Sense of the Term, pp. 3-75, 230-98; "Erotic Dreams and Fantasies" in The Sexual Life of S avages; The Story of a Marriage: The Letters of Bronislaw Malinowski and Elsie Masson, Ch. 4

Marcus, "Sticking With Ethnography Through Thick and Thin"


11/8 Newton, Mother Camp

Pettiway, Honey, Honey, Miss Thang


11/15 View the film Paris is Burning at the Avery Fisher Center, Bobst Library.

Browning, "Penetrable Bodies ('Paris is Burning')"

Butler, "Gender is Burning: Questions of Appropriation and Subversion"

Harper, "'The Subversive Edge': Paris is Burning, Social Critique and the Limits of Subjective Agency"

Kondo, "The Limits of the Avant-Garde?: Gender and Race on the Runway"

Ninja, "Not a Mutant Turtle"

Rose, "Nobody Wants a Part-Time Mother: An Interview with Willi Ninja"


Unit 3: Theater of Voices

Attend Carmen at the Amato Opera Theatre ( before it closes on 11/28. 319 Bowery at 2nd St. New York, NY 10003. Call (212) 228-8200 for reservations. Email:


11/22 Opera Workshop

Clement, Opera or the Undoing of Woman

Cavell, "Opera and the Lease of Voice"


11/29 Adorno, "Fantasia sopra Carmen"

Baldwin, "Carmen Jones: The Dark is Light Enough"

Hartman, Scenes of Subjection, Introduction-Chapter 2

McClary, Georges Bizet: Carmen


12/6 Adorno, "The Curves of the Record Needle," "The Form of the Phonograph Record" & "Opera and the Long-Playing Record"

Brecht, "The Modern Theatre is the Epic Theatre" & "A Short Organum for the Theatre"

Kittler, "Gramophone"

Phelan, "The Ontology of Performance"



Conclusion: Futures of Performance Studies


12/13 Muñoz, Disidentifications

Joseph, Nomadic Identities


12/17 Second essay due: 8-10 pp.




Weekly one-page written response to the readings and performances to be submitted in discussion section.

One oral presentation with a written outline to be handed out to the class.

Two 8-10 pp. papers that develop ideas in the written response to the readings and performances.


Attendance and Participation

Attendance is mandatory: Monday classes, Friday discussion sections, Sunday toy theatre workshop and performance, and two other performances. Active and informed participation in class discussion.



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Resource Reading List

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