April 01, 2005

Alan Dundes, 1934-2005


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March 27, 2005


rebecca_j.jpg Shifra visited yesterday from Ann Arbor. We have not seen each other in years and we go back to around 1975. Meanwhile Rebecca is almost 11 and the apple of Shifra's eye. Shifra is in town for Purim. Just a couple of years ago the old Bobover rebe died, and just a few days ago, his 70 year old son died. Now the old rebe's American born son by his second wife is the Bobover rebe. A split in the group over succession is immanent. Rabbi Kessler paid Shifra the greatest compliment when he said, "Of course I remember you. You brought dignity and attention to our community." The question was, given that they just buried the rebe, what would they do for Purim. Shifra said that the most popular costume this year was American soldier in camoflage. Will need to find out what transpired at Bobov last night, also at Stolin and Munkac. We went to the Knitting Factory for Jennie's Purim madness.

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