November 26, 2006

Noam wins Golden Key Honor Society Award!


At Friday's ceremony, the McMaster Chapter presented two scholarships, valued at $250 each, to outstanding new members. This year's deserving winners were Rebecca Jarvis, a second-year student majoring in Honours Life Science with a minor in French, and Noam Berlin, a second-year Honours Biopsychology major.

Golden Key is the world's premier honour society, with a combined membership base of more than 1.6 million students in more than 350 chapters worldwide, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The Society, which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Membership is by invitation only for students in the top 15 per cent of their respective faculty. In addition, honorary members are inducted into Golden Key to unite students with faculty, administrators and community leaders. These people are chosen because of their individual accomplishments, personal interest and support of academic excellence.

all about it! We are so totally proud!

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November 23, 2006

Shawna wearing Bobe Rivke's silver purse at friend's wedding


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June 16, 2006

Kyle at 7 weeks


Lisa says since adults do not wear pajamas all day, why should kids. So this infant is in overalls!

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June 14, 2006



Portrait of Mayer taken for taken for the exhibition at the Mosaica festival on June 11, 2006. With thanks to Dima Chatrov and Andrew Maidanik. Mayer's PowerPoint lecture was a smash hit! Shawna ran the rehearsal and the show.

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Kyle at 6 weeks


Shawna's photograph of Kyle, taken on May 29, 2006.

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June 05, 2006

Kyle at 5 weeks


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May 14, 2006

Kyle's bris


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Kyle and his parents


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May 09, 2006



Tom Warren's portrain of Max.

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May 02, 2006

Welcome to the world!


Kyle is born! Congratulations Lisa and Corey. Isn't Doron the lucky one to hold the baby! Shawna took this picture.

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April 15, 2006

Treasures from the sea


Doron's all time favorite thing in New York is going to Chinatown and shopping for seafood. He is totally intrigued by the variety, beauty, and suprising forms of it all. But, he says, the most fun of all is cooking it. He loves to handle everything, touch all the parts, take everything apart. These creatures truly are fascinating, each one so different from the others. And, almost all of them were alive. This was a first for Byron and I think he loved it too. Here are the pics.

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April 14, 2006

Signs of the time


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Signs of the time


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Eldridge Street


Doby's all time favorite thing is Chinatown and we have a full Chinatown experience planned. Today they decided to go to Central Park and to check out the zoo. Doby has fond memories of going there when he was little. There are museums nearby, if they feel so inclined. They are equipped with a map and making their own way.

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Lucky Dumpling


The boys arrived to LaGuardia at 7:30 am, having stayed up all night so they could drive very early to Buffalo to catch a cheap flight. I figured they would be hungry, so we headed straight for my favorite hole in the wall in Chinatown and filled them up.

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Doron and Byron


Doron and Byron arrived today. It is Byron's first time in NYC. He was born and raised in Johannesburg and came to Toronto when he was thirteen. They are best friends. Doby has been coming to NYC since he was about seven years old. True to tradition, we marked his height on the bookshelf and gave each of them an empty file drawer for their stuff. I was mightily impressed that they were traveling so light, just a small hand bag and back pack. They were adventurous and got from the airport to us by public transportation. We headed out to Chinatown for breakfast. More in a moment.

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February 26, 2006

Shawna's photostream on flickr

Check out Shawna's photostream on flickr! Bicycle bloggers are linking to them.

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Shawna's photo

Shawna.gif One Thousand Words. Ignorance is disease. First-year medical students at McMaster University enjoy the opportunity to arrange an 8-week clinical elective in the location and specialty of their choice. This September, students donated photos taken during their electives to a silent auction at the International Women's and Children's Health Symposium at McMaster, raising over $1200 for "Save the Mothers," a Canadian NGO working to reduce maternal mortality in Uganda. CMAJ has selected 3 for publication. Shawna Silver took this photo during National Health Week in Wenchi, Ghana. We liked the feeling of empowerment in this beautifully composed photograph; this posed group seems, poignantly, to be ready to take charge of their own future. The photographer writes: "For one week a year, the University of Ghana medical school closes and the students spread across the country to provide health education. This year's topic was tuberculosis. I ... was sent to Wenchi and the Brong Ahafo region, about 350 km from Accra, the capital. Children were fascinated with my digital camera and even more so in seeing themselves on the screen. The writing is on the wall. They wanted to learn all they could. And, we were there to help." CMAJ, December 6, 2005; 173 (12): 1514.

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June 16, 2005

The White Pajamas


Tonight is the first of Mayer's performances of The White Pajamas, which is based on our book and exhibition project, They Called Me Mayer July: Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust. We are totally psyched! He is collaborating with the inimitable totally inspired Jennifer Romaine and deeply honored, as am I, to be working with her and the fabulous Great Small Works. The White Pajamas is part of the 7th International Toy Theater Festival at St. Ann's Warehouse.

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October 20, 2004

Shawna climbing

shawna_climbing.jpg Late at night, we talk for free thanks to skype, sometimes conferencing with Shawna in Hamilton, Elaine in Thorndale, and me in Manhattan. I use aqua plastic headphones with microphone attached that I bought at Radio Shack years ago when Doron promised me--he was in Israel and all of 10 years old--that he would actually talk to me if I would communicate via the computer. I got the headphones, but the conversation never happened--until now. Tuesdays, late at night, I log on for a report about the pathology class that day. What organ in what food container was pulled from the fridge? Yesterday it was an enormous tumor, attached to a kidney, in a 15 kilogram plastic honey bucket, so heavy the professor could not lift it. The first week it was a gall bladder with lots of gall stones in tupperware, which the professor dropped, with all the students scrambling to collect the gallstones rolling on the floor. We are all thrilled that Shawna is in medical school and feel like we are too! Nice to know that she is also having fun, like climbing this weekend. Here is what she wrote in her email: "Attached are some pictures of the small contraption that I climbed while camping on the weekend. There were four levels of 'stuff':
1. A rope ladder
2. Wooden beams on angles
3. Tires/ropes/wood
4. Tires
You should get a sense it from the pictures. Yes, it was a little bit crazy. But, I had a harness and 5 other people holding me up."

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August 05, 2004

Lisa's wedding

Lisa-wedding.jpg The most beautiful wedding! We are thrilled for Lisa and Corey. Better than Bride Magazine by a mile, not only for the obvious reasons--fabulous venue and every detail exquisite--but because the priorities were right. Two fine young people making a commitment to each other and Lisa's only two requirements: she wanted to look beautiful and she did and she wanted everyone to have a good time and we did. George St. Kitts Band was the best. Lovely catering, nothing excessive. Simple huppah and lilies. It was pure joy. See the whole wedding!

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May 18, 2004


The family has been terrific. Everyone has phoned, come by, taken us out in the car, and been so attentive and loving, no matter how busy with school, work, and their own lives. This has made all the difference in the world. It is stimulating for Dora. She loves to be surrounded by family. And, it is fun. We enjoy each other very much. Lisa Lou has called and come by, sat with Dora and engaged her in conversation. Shawna has taken us to her concerts. Marv has brought us vast amounts of club soda, wine for our big dinners, and ensured that something interesting would happen each day. Danny and the boys have come by and shared meals with us, whether at their house or ours. Rosie and Candy have called and come to visit. Max has called every day. Pinki has been fantastic, both in lining up the team in a kind of family relay/triage effort and in keeping things on track in France. All in all, a great team!

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May 12, 2004

Toronto diary

Day 3 in Toronto and my first chance to blog. A grand collaboration between Shawna, Doron, and Danny got the internet working for me and I am now fully connected. Mayer and Pinki left for France Monday night and I am here caring for Dora. They will be in a town near Troyes to perform Mayer�s papierth��tre, The White Pajamas, at the invitation of Alain Lecucq. Mayer collaborated with the inimitable Jennifer Romaine of Great Small Works fame. On Sunday, Mother's Day, we went to Jennie's studio in Dumbo to see the toy theatre before she packed everything up to take to France.

DSCN5403_jennie.jpg DSCN5402_title_small.jpg

Mayer was totally psyched and Elaine fully equipped with Shawna�s digital camera and Jennie�s video camera, so we should have a full record and hopefully even a live webcast for a special showing for the French minister of culture. The performance is based on Mayer�s painting and story.

pajamas_small.jpg pajamas-toy_small.jpg

He made an earlier toy theater on this subject, but we were never able to perform it. This time Jennie has transformed Mayer's paintings into a totally magical theatrical experience.


Pictures from France to come shortly.

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