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October 15, 2005

Sephardic New Year

Thanks to Joelle and Brigitte, New Year this year was Sephardic and that means delicious and interesting. I wrote Brigitte after Rosh Hashanah with Joelle and friends and family:

Now I know something about the seder, the blessings, the multilingual word play, the calf cheeks, the head (cow or if not cow then fish), and the tfina [swiss chard and beef], which was, like everything else, totally delicious. Well, as far as I am concerned, from here on in its Sephardi style Rosh Hashanah. Forget the matzo balls and brisket!
And, I should add the fresh fennel, sliced and dressed in olive oil and lemon juice, which was so fresh and refreshing.

If that was not enough to provoke Sephardic envy, then breaking the Yom Kippur fast at Brigitte's did the trick, especially the artichoke hearts, which were stewed in olive oil and lemon, and the spectacular Iranian crispy rice (basmati rice, spinach, tomatoes, cardamon, and more), which was turned out onto a platter to form a dome. The company was lovely too.

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Winter in the kitchen

While winter is not yet here, the weather has turned. A week of steady rain and cooler temperatures--and school well into its second month and approaching midterm--mark the onset of what winter is for me. The sign above all is the kitchen. A trip to Integral Yoga for sourdough supplies, chiefly rye flour, and staples of our at home diet. That means:

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