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April 03, 2005

Sourdough #8

sourdough_DSCN9287_t.jpgThis is a first! I seem to have gotten the dough to the right consistency, did not let it rise too long, scored the top more deeply, and am in better control of the oven. The result is better elasticity/extensibility as evidenced by excellent oven spring and a crust that is not cracking deeply all over the place. Of course, the test will be when the bread comes out of the oven. I'm hoping for a nice crisp crust, but not one that is so thick and hard that it requires a chain saw--I take the lid off after 15 minutes and actually, now that I looked again, it does seem it will be a very crusty loaf. I may need to lower the over temperature sooner. The dough will probably not be quite as sour as earlier batches, because the total process from the moment the starter left the refrigerator until the bread leaves the oven is about 36 hours. The starter, I might add, is mightly lively.

I'm pretty much following the recipe, but doubling the whole wheat flour, halving the white flour (I used white flour with germ this time), doubling the caraway to 1/2 cup, adding 1 dense cup of ground flax, 2 cups of sprouted wheat berries, and the althus.

Well, not quite following the recipe, but the foundation is there. I make one big round loaf (6.5 pounds this time), rather than two long loaves, as specified in the recipe, and I bake it in a cast iron pot (also not the recipe) and add sesame seeds to the bottom of the pot before tipping the dough in. Actually, that is the hardest part, getting the dough from the floured towel in the bowl into the 550F hot cast iron pan. I have to find a bowl that is taller and narrower and I have to develop a better technique.

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