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March 7, 2005

Maasai Barefoot Technique

WBusiness-blk_small.jpg Yesterday went with Diana and Eric to see Laurie Anderson's new work, The End of the Moon at BAM. Quite wonderful. Intimate and cosmic and very Laurie Anderson. That strange viola. Her voice. The personal narratives. The vast spaces of timbre. I noticed, Diana's new shoes--they were peeking out from under the bottom of her trousers--but I did not know the half of it. We both have feet that need special attention. And, she found these strange new shoes, just ten months on the market, that come with a training video and a free tutoring session. Just my kind of thing. So today on the way to the opening of The Power of Conversation: Jewish Women and their Salons (it is, incidentally, a terrific exhibition) at The Jewish Museum, I dropped by Enselow's and got a pair. Melvin took care of me. What at trip. These are no ordinary shoes, let me tell you. I have them on now and I don't know whether to rock or to spring or what little muscle to exercise. The brand is MBT Masai Barefoot Technology--how politically incorrect is that!--to invoke the perfect posture and gait of the Maasai. The company is Swiss. And the claims or at least some of them are over the top, like cellulite reduction. Talk about marketing. These shoes are billed as "the worlds smallest gym." They are big and roomy, a little like moonshoes. Melvin says comfort is the new fashion. Nothing could be further from extreme pointy toes and stilettos! They are all the rage among the orthopedically inclined.

Posted by BKG at March 7, 2005 11:21 PM