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January 06, 2005

Red Bean Chili and TVP

Soak 2 cups of red chili beans over night. Drain, rinse, place in a pot and just cover with cold water. Gently simmer until tender. Saute 2 onions, 5 garlic cloves, 2 stalks of celery, and 1 green pepper all chopped. Add 2 tbsp chili powder (or more, to taste) to the sauteed vegetables and cook a little more. Add the vegetables to the beans, together with a tin of chopped tomatoes. I like the ones that have been fire roasted because they add a slightly smokey flavor, as do the chipotles. Barely cover 2 cups of dry TVP with water to rehydrate. After 5 minutes, add the rehydrated TVP, 2 bay leaves, and 1-3 chipotle chiles to the beans. Cover and stew the chili gently until the beans are nice and soft. Add salt to taste. Continue to simmer to let the flavors meld. Even better the next day. Serve with brown rice. Chopped cilantro is a nice touch.
There are many recipes for chili powder and for chili. Here is mine:
I used a variety of dried chile peppers (ancho and several kinds of New Mexico ones that Lorie gave me). I toasted them with cumin, paprika, and oregano in a cast iron skillet. After the mixture cooled, I ground it to a fine power in a coffee mill reserved for the purpose. I added three smoky chipotles whole to the pot of chili and once the chipotles softened, I tasted the chili for heat. If hot enough, I removed the chipotles. If not hot enough, I mashed them up and returned them to the pot.

Posted by BKG at January 6, 2005 11:25 AM