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November 26, 2004

Peter's Thanksgiving feast at Ping's

From Pete: "I thought I'd share this year's Thanksgiving menu with my foodie friends. It was the first Thanksgiving at Ping's, which I'd say is the best Hong Kong style restaurant I've ever been to in North America. I was also pleased that Fan, my favorite waiter from the defunct Sun Golden Island is now working there. In
general the food is the most delicate, least greasy, least over-salty Cantonese food I know of in NY.
Roast duck (simple but perfect)
Sliced cuttlefish (cold, just OK--I've had better. It's those big ones cured with soemthing that makes it orange on the outside, then sliced)
Spinach & seafood soup (had an interesting earthy flavor. I wondered if it had a base akin to dashi, or maybe some kind of fungus).
Almond-coated chicken filet, stuffed with chopped shrimp (I believe this is an invention of Mr. Ping).
Steamed sea bass filet with sugar snap peas (in the Spring they serve it with asparagus.)
Beef & mushroom rolls (a bit of a disappointment)
Scallops with black pepper sauce (spectacular)
Chinese baby greens with shallot sauce (I don't know what kind of choi this is, but the combination of the wonderful deep green, the crispy shallot shreds on top and the sauce, which seems to have soy & something akin to Vietnamese to nuoc mam is amazing).
Snow pea leaves with crab meat (the best and lightest version of this I've ever had).
"Portuguese" baked seafood rice with curry (good, but I think it was more flavorful at Sun Golden Island)."

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