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October 20, 2004

Tuning the piano

piano.jpg Eugenie, the piano tuner, was here today and took the piano apart. It is a Nordheimer piano, made in Toronto, and from the serial number she found, 18836, we determined that it must have been made around 1913. She even found the original bits of silk inside the action. She says the piano was rebuilt, the soundboard carefully repaired with dowels, and the hammers are virtually new. We have some serious vacuuming and dusting to do. She'll be back on Monday to do more work on it so it is in playing form, though if truth be told, it actually needs even more work than that. It will do for now. A. & S. Nordheimer Co. was established in the early 1840s in what is now Ontario and is considered "the oldest brand name in use in Canadian music."
Originally booked the tuner in anticipation of having musical colleagues gather to honor Sharman, but opted for a quiet evening with her on our own. Thought of cancelling. It is all about my ambivalence about my classical music training for all those many years. The piano marks a place. Annie found it for me. We had it shipped from Toronto to New York. Eugenie says I should take three lessons with someone who would free me up, help me exorcise the demons of the restrictions of my classical past--technique and interpretation, without composition or improvisation or ensemble playing--in a word, without all the fun that klezmer bands are having.

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