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October 07, 2004

Final lineup

oldtbilisi_alazanired_e_s.jpgLovely evening! Haidi brought Persian nougat (saffron and pistachio) from Dean & Deluca, Paul and Sonja brought delicious Australian wine ("closest to NZ" they could get on short notice), and Bruce and Holly brought museum wine (a semi-sweet red Georgian wine, Old Tbilisi Alzani , made from Saperavi 60%, Rkatsiteli 40%). Museological? According to the website: "Wine has been produced in Georgia since 5000 BC and the Georgian vineyards, located between the Black and Caspian seas below the Caucasus Mountains are widely acknowledged as the birthplace or �cradle of wine.� According to the label: "...Archeologists found Kvevri--clay vessel--in Georgia with the ornament of grape, which dates back 8000 years, and is the first wine storage vessel. Preserved in the State Museum of Georgia." Bottled in 2002 and ready to drink!
The lineup last night:
Chinese broccoli, blanched, with thick stems scored and plunged into boiling water first, and served with a little dark sesame oil and huge cloves of wonderful Rocambole garlic, from the Greenmarket, sauteed till golden.
Salad: Frisee, watercress, and amaranth, with a pile of thinly sliced red radish, dressed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar
Black longevity rice, in a nice round mound
Red beets, thinly sliced, steamed, and dressed with pomegranate molasses and Chinese flowering chives and cilantro
Carambola, sliced
Lotus root: peeled, thinly sliced, steamed, and dressed with fresh lime juice and thinly sliced fresh lemon grass
Three color carrots: thinly sliced in the length. Had hoped to do the julienne from earlier menu, but no time, dill, or parsley this time.
Roasted red onions with dried cranberries, balsamic, olive oil, brown sugar, and bay leaves
Roasted roots: wedges of white beets, daikon, and potatoes
Edamame: with sliced fresh shitake mushrooms and flat Chinese garlic chives
Dessert: assorted Chinese sweets, black and blonde sesame bars, preserved plums, haw flakes (hawthorn), Indonesian ginger candies, dried persimmons, and Persian saffron nougat.


On the haw flakes: "Crataegus pinnatifida , major 'Big Golden Star' or Chinese Haw: A very attractive species of hawthorn from northern China. The leaves turn bright red in autumn, and, unlike the common hawthorn, this tree has no thorns. The cultivar 'Big Golden Star' has been grown in China for many years specifically for its red edible fruits which are the size of small crab apples. The fruits can be made into syrups or preserves, or candied."

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