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May 16, 2004

Toronto, Day 7

Blogged late into the night. Dora is still in bed. This morning for the first time I've got the radio on. Canada's favorite country music station and a few Yiddish CDs lined up for Dora. She seemed to enjoy the concert last night so I thought I would see if she might like to listen to Adrienne Cooper or Mandy Patinkin. Her all time favorite is Theodor Bikel so I will buy a few of his CDs and try that too.


Another chilly spring morning, watery yellow light, but clear. No plans for today. Lisa Lou called. She is truly a sweetie and will come by for a visit. She is busy with school and now with moving into her new house. Perfect cacoon. It has "family" written all over it. A place to be happy together. Lisa Lou will come by for a visit. Max called.

This afternoon Shawna picked us up and drove us to her concert, this time with an orchestra. Sweet Pea on the drums!!!! The concert was nice, with a terrific violinst playing a Mendelssohn symphony and a Tchaikovsky symphony during the second half, with, as Hal says, an obligatory Canadian composition. Doris enjoyed the concert, but got tired and impatient during the second half.

DSCN5581-small.jpgDSCN5584-small.jpg DSCN5575-small.jpgDSCN5578-small.jpg

Meanwhile, Shawna ran into a tree when rushing from the car to the building and wounded herself, which we have immortalized here. All the way there and back we sang Yiddish songs--Hal was with us on the way back and he knows the words!--and Doris sang along.

We came home and the family joined us for an early dinner. Doron and Noam were in Ohio at a NFTY gathering, were up all night, and arrived back exhausted, emotionally drained, and enriched. We were nine at the big table, with Marv, Lisa, and Shawna, Danny, Doron and Noam, Hal, Doris and me. I made a calculation: we cooked enough for Friday night's dinner for ten that night, nine tonight, three last night, and three for lunch yesterday--and I still have lots left over. So that's 25 and we are still counting.
Doris had difficulty following the conversation, with everyone talking at once. After everyone left, Lisa stayed behind to visit. Tired and frustrated, Doris lay down on the couch in the den and Lisa and I sat hear her and chatted about children, raising them Jewish, marriage, life. About a half hour into the conversation, Doris pipes up, "I've been listening to the whole thing." So, we solicited her advice about marriage, raising children, and her own experience. To our astonishment, she was like her old self--lucid, coherent, memory more or less in tact, wise, irreverent. When she is bored or tired, she gets frustrated and anxious. After a sleep or a nap and engaged, she is at her sharpest.

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