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May 13, 2004


Select very firm mango, not ripe but not completely green. The mango should be crisp, slightly tart, and flavorful. Peel the mango. Rayna offered a few different ways to cut the mango, showing me how her father used to do it, basically, shaving flat chips off the way you might sharpen a pencil. Peel and cut firm mango into chunks. Add tomato, bagoong or salt. Scallions optional.
We decided to leave the mango absolutely plain, but to offer shrimp paste, both the mild and the hot, on the side.

Plunge malunggey (horseradish) leaves, bitter melon leaves, yam leaves, bok choy, or other leafy greens into boiling water, drain, squeeze out extra water. Add bagoong or patis, sliced or cubed tomato, and chopped ginger. Scallions optional.

Bitter Melon (ampalaya) or Long Beans
If using Chinese variety or large bitter melons, slide in half lengthwise and remove seeds. If using small Indian bitter melons, slice in half lengthwise, but do not remove the seeds. Slice into rings, about 1/2 inch thick. Blanch and squeeze out extra water. Add tomato, ginger, and patis or bagoog. Scallions optional. For a nice variation, add cooked shrimp and sliced onion and dress with vinegar or lemon juice and salt.

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