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April 22, 2004

s.v. kedgeree

kitcheri.jpg Oxford English Dictionary Online Oxford University Press 2004.

k e d g e r e e

(kdri) Forms: 7 kits-, ketch-, quiche-, kichery, cutcherry, 8 kitcheree, -aree, 9 kedjerie; keg-, kedg-, kidgeree, khichri. [Hind khichr, Skr. k'rsara �dish of rice and sesamum�.]

a. An Indian dish of rice boiled with split pulse, onions, eggs, butter, and condiments; also, in European cookery, a dish made of cold fish, boiled rice, eggs, and condiments, served hot. Also transf. and fig.

1662 J. DAVIES tr. Mandelslo's Trav. 81 Their ordinary Diet being onely Kitsery, which they make of Beans pounded, and Rice, which they boile together... Then they put thereto a little Butter melted. 1698 FRYER Acc. E. India & P. 81 Their delightfullest Food being only Cutchery, a sort of Pulse and Rice mixed together. Ibid. 320 Here is a great Plenty of what they call Ketchery. 1727 A. HAMILTON New Acc. E. Ind. I. xiv. 161 Some Doll and Rice, being mingled together and boyled, make Kitcheree. 1816 �QUIZ� Grand Master 51 The servant enters with a dish, Containing kedgeree and fish. 1867 BP. FRASER in Hughes Life (1887) 143 Kedgeree is a capital thing for breakfast. 1879 MRS. A. G. F. E. JAMES Ind. Househ. Managem. 88 Kegeree is composed of the remains of cold fish, and is usually a breakfast dish. 18.. MRS. BEETON Househ. Managemt. 140 Kegeree.

fig. 1909 in WEBSTER. 1928 R. CAMPBELL Wayzgoose ii. 48 English, art, music, vegetables, and song, All to the same consistency you mash. Your lifea Kedgeree! Your minda hash! 1938 Archit. Rev. LXXXIII. 3/1 Winstanley's Eddystone was a remarkable kedgeree of bits and pieces--its builder had previously been known chiefly for some remarkable waterworks in Hyde Park. 1968 R. WEST Sk. Vietnam ii. 65 Furniture, clothes, shrines..were heaped on to the lorry in a gigantic kedgeree.

b. Comb., as kedgeree-pot, a large earthenware pipkin, used for holding water and cooking.

a1826 HEBER Jrnl. (1828) I. 123 On the Hoogly very large nets..are used, with Kedgeree pots for floats. 1830 MOUNTAIN in Mem. (1857) vi. 117 A small raft of Kedgeree pots. 1839 THACKERAY Major G. i, To boil them in kedgeree pots.

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