Title: Ocean Landmark

Date: February 5, 2000

Location: ITP, NYU, NYC

Link: Ocean Landmark VRML World (Cosmo Player 2.0 Plug-In needed)

" I processed 500 tons of an industrial waste product, laid it on the floor of the Atlantic and created a flourishing environment no one can see."

-Betty Beaumont 1980

Ocean Landmark is an underwater work on the floor of the Atlantic, made of 500 tons of processed coal-waste, apotential pollutant that has undergone a planned transformation into a flourishing ecosystem—a lush underwater garden. The work was inspired by the potential of the continental shelf and by a team of scientists experimenting to stabilize an industrial by-product in water. I proposed using their materials to create an underwater sculpture, that when fished, would feed people. 17,000 coal fly-ash blocks were then fabricated, shipped to the ocean site, 40 miles from the New York Harbor and three miles off Fire Island National Seashore, and laid on the continental shelf. Ocean Landmark started to change at the point of its installation. It has grown and developed into a productive new ecosystem over the years and continues to evolve. In fact, the work is listed as a "Fish Haven" on the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) coastal navigational map. Ocean Landmark, a realized artwork that suggests a new industry, is 20 in 2000.


Jordan Schachter
Jenine Lurie
Voon Chong
Veera Kauste
Sameer Kapoor
Katherine Moriwaki
Todd Polenberg
Ralph borland
Brooke Belisle
Joel Landy
Starr Mccaleb
Betty Beaumont
Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Special Thanks to:

George Agudow , Midori Yasuda, Ben Gonzalez and Diane Valerioti

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