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Laurence J. Brahm: Fusion Economics:China and the Himalayn Consensus

2015 Chinese New Year Celebration Year

The New Normal of Chinese Economy

Chinese Chess champions XieJun and Dangfei vist NYU

MoYan visits NYU China House

Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Since 1980s

China Institute: We All Live in the Forbidden City

Wendy Larson: Zhang Yimou and the Socialist Legacy

Xu Bing: Engaging the Past, the Present & the Possible

Eric X. Li:Why China's One-Party Rule is Better at Reform than Multi-Party Democracies

Jinhua Dai:Gang de qin: The Piano in the Factory and Contemporary Chinese Film

Zhiyuan Cui:Understanding Xi JinPing's Grand Refrom Strategy

Revolutionary Rock and Roll In the Post-Revolutionary China: A Film Screening and Conversations with Cui Jian

Erin Huang: Rethinking Violence: Urban Horror and Contemporary Chinese Cinema

Frank Upham: Is American Rule of Law Appropriate for Export?

HuAnyang visits NYU

Back to 1942: Film Screening with Liu Zhenyun

Liu Zhenyun: The Gap Between Literature and Reality with Asia Society

Liu Zhenyun: Chinese Steamed Roll and Western Bread

Zheng Chouyu: When Modern Chinese Poetry Meets Music

China on Big Screen III with NYU CSSA

China on Big Screen II with NYU CSSA

Michael Forsythe and Henry Sanderson: China's Superbank and Doing Journalism in China Today

Yan lianke: Writing in China under an Environment of Centralized Power and Limited Easing

Senses of Reality: A Talk from Chinese Writer and Poet Xi Chuan

China on Big Screen with NYU CSSA: To Live