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MoYan visits NYU China House

Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Since 1980s

China Institute: We All Live in the Forbidden City

Wendy Larson: Zhang Yimou and the Socialist Legacy

Xu Bing: Engaging the Past, the Present & the Possible

Eric X. Li:Why China's One-Party Rule is Better at Reform than Multi-Party Democracies

Back to 1942: Film Screening with Liu Zhenyun

Liu Zhenyun: The Gap Between Literature and Reality with Asia Society

Liu Zhenyun: Chinese Steamed Roll and Western Bread

Zheng Chouyu: When Modern Chinese Poetry Meets Music

China on Big Screen III with NYU CSSA

China on Big Screen II with NYU CSSA

Michael Forsythe and Henry Sanderson: China's Superbank and Doing Journalism in China Today

Yan lianke: Writing in China under an Environment of Centralized Power and Limited Easing

Senses of Reality: A Talk from Chinese Writer and Poet Xi Chuan

China on Big Screen with NYU CSSA: To Live