Center Overview

The Center for Catastrophe Preparedness and Response (CCPR) at New York University (NYU) was founded in 2002 as a university-wide, cross-disciplinary center to improve preparedness and response capabilities to catastrophic events including terrorism, natural disasters, and public health emergencies. Drawing on the resources of NYU’s fourteen schools, CCPR facilitates research projects that address issues ranging from first responder capacity during crises, to public health response, to legal issues relating to security, to private sector crisis management and business continuity.

Latest Publications

  • Encyclopedia of Disaster Relief (K. Bradley Penuel, Matt Statler)
    Published by SAGE publications, this encyclopedia covers response to disasters around the world, from governments to NGOs, from charities to politics, from refugees to health, and from economics to international relations, covering issues in both historical and contemporary context. The volumes include information relevant to students of sociology, national security, economics, health sciences, political science, emergency preparedness, history, agriculture, and many other subjects. The goal is to help readers appreciate the importance of the effects, responsibilities, and ethics of disaster relief, and to initiate educational discussion brought forth by the specific cultural, scientific, and topical articles contained within the work.

Media Kit

The CCPR Media Kit, an overview
of the Center and its projects, is
now avalable for download (.pdf)


Latest News

  • K. Bradley Penuel named Co-Chair of NYS Respond Commission (with Admiral Thad Allen)
    In response to the recent major storms to hit New York State, including Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee, Governor Andrew Cuomo has established the NYS Respond Commission to 'Improve New York State's Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities, And Strengthen The State’s Infrastructure to Withstand Natural Disasters'.