Announcements and General Information

The topic for the 2017 Global Debates at NYU will be:

"Resolved: that the benefits of refugee support outweigh the political costs to developed nations".

Event Times

Feb 26 Global Debate Domestic Prelims at Washington Square Campus Tisch Hall Lower Concourse

March 11 Deadline for Submission of International Global Debate Videos

April/May Global Debate Championships in New York

Congratulations to past year's Global Debate top 16.

  1. Abhi Elisetty/Isaac Marshall (NYU-New York)
  2. Raymond Wright/Nathan Hiransomboon (NYU-New York)
  3. Aashna Rao/Madison Ordway (NYU Madrid)
  4. Devon Weis/Chetan Hebbur (NYU-New York)
  5. Derara Hailegeorgis/Mohamed Amine (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  6. Kristine Itliong/Bobby Zhan (NYU-New York)
  7. Amanda Hua/Sharmeen Khan (NYU-Paris)
  8. Nathanial White/Brynn Taylor (NYU-New York)
  9. Justin Lee/Muthukumar Palaniyapan (NYU Abu Dhabi)
  10. Wenbo Wang/Zach Eckstein (NYU-New York)
  11. Patrick Sheldon Wee/Rene Kukk (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
  12. Fay Cammayo/Henry Knight (NYU-New York)
  13. Anna Jaskiewicz (NYU-Shanghai)/ Raeesa Munshi (NYU-New York)
  14. Alex Nyikos/Corey Meyer (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
  15. Dan Sedgh/William Montgomery (NYU-New York)
  16. Tyler Rhorick/Yi Xu (NYU-Shanghai)

Information on Practice Sessions

Both non-advancing teams and advancing teams in the in-person tournament should email globaldebate@nyu.edu to schedule an appt to see their ballots and the result sheets.

Teams in the Video Submission competition may request conference call meetings and their scores electronically by emailing globaldebate@nyu.edu.

Registration is now open. You may register as an individual or with a partner at the registration page on this site (http://www.nyu.edu/cas/globaldebate/registration.php). Review the rules and resources pages on this website. Entries are capped at 200 students so register ASAP. Also, early registration is helpful so they receive information on the training workshops, partner matching sessions and other useful tools. Please also like the NYU Global Debate Facebook page for updated announcements. If you have questions about preparation, training assistance, partnership matches or the competition rules, please email globaldebate@nyu.edu. Group training sessions will begin in November. If your club would like to schedule a presentation, please send your meeting times and location to globaldebate@nyu.edu.

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