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411 Lafayette, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003
Telephone: 212 998-8866 Email:

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 8 pm; Friday, 11 am to 4 pm
(Note: Hours differ during Summer Sessions)

Brooklyn Campus: 5 MetroTech Center, Room 104
Telephone: 718 260-3299 Email: rlarson@nyu.edu
Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm; Friday, 10-4pm

Schedule an Appointment Online:

Washington Square -
Brooklyn Campus - nyupoly.mywconline.com

Welcome to EWP’s Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place where any NYU student can get help with his or her writing. The Writing Center is a part of NYU's Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Science. It is a place where one-on-one teaching and learning occur, as students work closely with EWP faculty at every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing except for exams.

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Making an Appointment

All Writing Center sessions are 40-45 minutes long. Try to schedule your appointment in advance of the due date for your paper so that you will have ample time to revise after the session.

Schedule an Appointment Online

Washington Square: nyu.mywconline.com
Brooklyn Campus: nyupoly.mywconline.com

If you haven’t used the Writing Center before, you will be prompted to register. Then you will be able to log in and make your appointment.

You may schedule one appointment per week, up to two weeks ahead of time, using our online system. Undergraduate NYU students will have priority, though we also reserve sessions each week for graduate students, faculty, and alumni. Please call 212·998·8866 if you have questions.

Walk-in Appointments

All NYU students are eligible for walk-in sessions, even those who have had an appointment earlier in the week. All students who want additional time beyond one session per week should use walk-in sessions.

To get a walk-in session, come to the Writing Center and put your name on the waiting list. When a cancellation or no-show occurs, a session becomes available. The waiting list operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Appointment

How to Prepare for Your Session
  • If you are working on a draft, bring two copies of it, one for you and one for the consultant.
  • If your writing concern is related to a particular assignment, bring the assignment.
  • If you want to discuss feedback you have received from a teacher, bring a copy of the comments.
  • If you have notes, previous writing, a particular text, and/or research materials related to your draft, bring those items to the session.

Prior to the session, reread your draft and your assignment to determine what particular question, concern, or issue you would like to take up during the session.

What You Can Expect

We’ll ask for your input at the start of every session. This gives you a chance to help set the agenda for the session.

During your session, you will think, write, and talk about the writing that is on the page and the writing that isn’t yet there. We will prompt you to think actively, to compose new writing, and to discuss your thoughts about your paper and your writing process.

We will treat you with respect and respond fully to your concerns. At the same time, because we are just as interested in your long-term development as we are in your paper, we may ask you to try out a new strategy. Our aim is two-fold: to help you with your concerns about the paper at hand and to suggest to you something new about the craft of writing, both of which you can take with you.

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Our Bottom Line

We are writing consultants, not proofreaders, editors, ghostwriters, or graders of your paper.

  • You should not expect us to read through your paper and fix it. We will not correct your paper for you. We will make suggestions about style as we come to understand your meaning. In cases where we think sentence structure needs review, we will address specific rules with you.
  • We will not tell you what your idea is or how to read a particular piece of evidence. We will prompt you to rethink and complicate your idea, and we will help you to develop ways to clarify, deepen, and refine your readings of evidence.
  • We will not assess the validity of a grade you have received.

Students who use the Writing Center should be reasonably fluent in English. Writing Center teachers are not trained to work with non-fluent students for whom English is a second language. If we determine that your fluency falls below our level of expertise, we may direct you to the American Language Institute for further assistance.

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Our Attendance and Cancellation Policies

Because the Writing Center is often busy we have strict attendance and cancellation policies.

  • If you need to cancel the night before your appointment, you can modify or delete it prior to 11:59 pm by logging into the Writing Center at nyu.mywconline.com.
  • If you need to cancel on the day of your appointment, you must call the Writing Center at 212·998·8866.
  • If you miss more than one scheduled appointment but forget to cancel it, you will not be allowed to visit the Writing Center again during the semester.
  • If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, you will lose your session to a student on the waiting list.

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Our People

Director of the Writing Center
  • William Morgan, wm32@nyu.edu
  • Writing Center Coordinator
  • Joanna Mendoza, 212·998·8861, writingcenter@nyu.edu
  • Writing Center Consultants
    • Aaron Balkan
    • Kimberly Bernhardt
    • Mark Braley
    • Stephen Butler
    • Anthony Carelli
    • Katherine Carlson
    • Nolan Chessman
    • Conor Creaney
    • Lorraine Doran
    • Marina Fedosik
    • David Foley
    • Angela Frattarola
    • Benjamin Gassman
    • Elena Glasberg
    • Andrei Guruianu
    • Robert Huddleston
    • Mara Jebsen
    • Abigail Joseph
    • Austin Kelley
    • Elizabeth Kurkjian
    • Christine Malvasi
    • Jonathan Mischkot
    • Kit Nicholls
    • Gerard O’Donoghue
    • Colm O’Shea
    • Jennifer Percy
    • Amira Pierce
    • Jacqueline Reitzes
    • Noel Sikorski
    • Leah Souffrant
    • Chris Stahl
    • Madeleine Stein
    • Emily Stone
    • Cecily Swanson
    • Sara Wallace
    • Jenny Xie
    • Amanda Yesnowitz
    • Dora Zhang
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