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Writing in the Disciplines: 2013-2014

Each semester, under the sponsorship of the Dean of the College, the Expository Writing Program offers writing-consultant support for selected CAS courses that require writing. Consultants have background in one or more academic disciplines. They have broad experience in rhetoric, writing pedagogy and writing theory. They are excellent writers and award-winning teachers.

Participating CAS professors work with consultants to examine how the production of student writing is working in their classes. If strong student writing is elusive, we ask why. We believe the answer to be in the pedagogy.

Consultants work with professors to discover promising ways to combine inventive writing pedagogy with serious disciplinary work. The pedagogy will reflect the material concerns of each discipline.

One or two consultants will normally be assigned to an undergraduate course in which writing is required, depending on the course size (12-20 students).

The faculty/consultant arrangement is flexible.  Consultants will devote themselves to a discipline’s ways of speaking and knowing, to pedagogy, and to following student performance throughout the course and over time. While a course may have its own complement of TA’s, Writing Program consultants will not be considered as TA’s, graders or teaching assistants.  Collaborative work among educators at all levels will continue, of course, at the direction of the course professor.

Over a period of one to three years, in one or more courses taught by the same professor, our long-term aim is to inspire confidence, mastery and independence with lively critical approaches to student writing.

To receive consultant support for Fall or Spring, 2013-14, please contact me as soon as possible.


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