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Your required writing courses are designed to prepare you for NYU's challenging undergraduate education. These courses build on the foundation of your high school work but go far beyond it in scope and rigor.

From the outset, your courses will challenge you to write a variety of essays--a form of writing that always asks you to develop and substantiate interesting ideas, either your own or those that you borrow from other sources.

Here is a glimpse of the general work that you will be doing.  The order and the specific requirements will vary:

  1. Reading and researching, building up a base of knowledge about your subject
  2. Practicing reading and thinking skills necessary for a thorough understanding of the assigned reading that accompanies each progression of assignments.
  3. Learning various writing skills associated with the particular essay you are creating
  4. Developing a deeper understanding of what an essay is, what it does, how it works
  5. Collaborating with your classmates and with your teacher as you complete the assigned exercises and the drafts of your essays

Course readings will allow you to learn from other writers--students and professionals.

Your courses will provide an opportunity for you to see a number of other students working along side you--those physically present in your writing class and those whose work is published in Mercer Street, a collection of exemplary student work.  Those who have gone before you will be your silent collaborators; they will help you find your own pathways. So too will your classmates who will be working with you to learn the fascinating art of the essay.

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Writing Class Requirements

All incoming CAS freshman are required to take Writing the Essay. Completing this course with a grade of C or above fulfills the Writing Proficiency requirement. Students who receive a grade of C- or lower must take the Writing Proficiency Exam.

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