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We are pleased to bring you issues of Mercer Street. The essays in these collections were selected from work done in our writing courses. These student essays provide interesting examples of the kind of work you will be doing in your own writing courses; they point the way.

Each of the essays makes use of written texts, and they do so in a variety of interesting ways. Many of the essayists also use other rich sources -- movies, paintings, poems, cultural artifacts -- to help them substantiate their ideas. Initially, writers used these sources to help generate ideas, but later they also used them as evidence in their essays. Notice, however, that as these writers use their sources, they do so without subordinating their own ideas to those sources.

In each of these essays, student writers are trying to answer difficult, complex questions they have posed for themselves and for their readers. As you read, look for the questions and the ideas that attend them. Those questions and ideas may be implicit, so you will have to be attendant to nuance and to the essayist's play of mind.

As you sort out for yourselves just what you think each essayist is doing and has to say, try also to be attentive to the particular way the idea is developed. How is the writer creating meaning? Using texts? Reflecting? Weaving sources to create a whole?

We hope you will discover features in these essays that you might want to use in your own -- writing techniques, modes of expression, ways of thinking and imagining. We hope, too, that you will find that your predecessors have illuminated the pathway, making your going just a bit easier and, perhaps, more exciting.

Directors, Expository Writing Program

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Submit Your Essay to Mercer Street

Each semester, EWP invites students to submit essays for possible inclusion in Mercer Street.

Students enrolled in any Expository Writing course are limited to one (1) essay submission for that course. Students enrolled in an Expository Writing course, and who then enroll in a subsequent or Advanced Expository Writing course, may submit a maximum of one (1) essay for each course. Students may not submit more than one essay per course to Mercer Street.

To submit your essay, please fill out the submission form (linked below) and then upload your essay following the guidelines from the submission form. If you have questions or need assistance regarding the submission process, please contact Richard Larson at rlarson@nyu.edu.

Please read and follow all instructions on the form, or your submission will be disqualified.


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