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At New York University, all undergraduates are required to take an Expository Writing Requirement. Students may substitute International Workshop I and International Workshop II for the writing requirement. (See below for specific substitutions allowed or required by your school.)

The International Workshops are special opportunities for NYUs international students. The International sequence of courses allows students more time for the same work, enabling them to reach the same goals at a less demanding pace. International teachers are familiar with the writing needs of English-as-a-second-language students and the cultural adjustments students may need to make as writers and students in an American university setting. The common bond that international students share English as a second language also creates a dynamic atmosphere where people from diverse cultures exchange perspectives as they read and write together. Students find the variety of global perspectives available in one classroom exciting and stimulating.

The course texts and curriculum are the same as those used in EWPs core writing courses, and students learn the same reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. However, the final project has been shortened, allowing more time, week by week, to complete the curriculum. EWPs Writing the Essay courses are demanding: reading and writing exercises are assigned for every class. Students are expected to be fluent speakers and to be able to write quickly and easily during timed exercises completed in-class.  Our research shows that incoming NYU students who score 680 or below on the Verbal Portion of the SAT perform better in their writing courses and other classes when they take the International Workshop sequence instead of Writing The Essay.
We strongly recommend that students who score 680 or below register for the International sequence. We also recommend that students who score between 680 and 720 on the SAT take the self-diagnostic test (below) to decide which course would offer them the opportunity for better learning.
Try the Self-Diagnostic Test below to see which course or sequence you would benefit from.

Denice Martone
Associate Director, EWP
Phone: 212.998.8821
Email: dm1@nyu.edu

Requirements and Substitutions

Students who complete International Writing Workshop I with a C or better also fulfill the Proficiency Exam requirement.

CAS incoming students must complete International Writing Workshops I and II in lieu of Writing the Essay. Completing both courses fulfills the Foreign Language requirement for international students. CAS students who receive a grade of A for International Workshop I may petition to waive International Workshop II after one year has passed.

Click here to download the waiver application.

Steinhardt, Nursing, and Social Work incoming students who complete International Workshop I may substitute International Writing Workshop II for Advanced College Essay.  Since Steinhardt Nursing, and Social Work require a two-semester sequence for freshmen, students are not eligible to apply to waive International Writing Workshop II through EWP.

Stern incoming students may substitute International Writing Workshop II for Business and Its Publics: Inquiry and Discourse. Since Stern requires a two-semester sequence for freshmen, students are not eligible to apply to waive International Writing Workshop II through EWP.

TSOA students need permission from the TSOA Dean to substitute International Workshops for the required TSOA courses.

Self-Diagnostic Test

We recommend that you test yourself to see which course you would most benefit from. The test consists of a typical reading and writing exercise that you might be asked to do in a Writing the Essay class. You will need to set aside thirty minutes to complete the self-assessment and to read the results.

Click here to download the instructions and to begin the self-diagnostic exercise.

Click here to download the results and discussion for the self-diagnostic exercise.

The American Language Institute:
Reading and Writing Workshop 1 and 2

The American Language Institute specializes in English language  acquisition. Based on your NYU application and profile, your school may  feel that additional English acquisition is necessary for you to function comfortably in university-level classes and other situations in which formal writing is required. To determine whether this is necessary, your school may ask you to take a diagnostic test at the ALI. Based on the results and along with your program of study, you may be also required to complete one or two prerequisite reading and writing workshops offered by the American Language Institute before beginning the NYU MAP Writing Requirement.

Undergraduate students will earn 4 credits for the ALI reading and writing course, and each course will count as elective credit toward graduation. These ALI reading and writing workshops are  cross-listed in the Expository Writing Program's catalog and can be located by searching for EXPOS: UA 20 and EXPOS: UA 21. 

Entrance for the ALI reading and writing workshop is by placement test at the  ALI. These courses cannot substitute for EXPOS-UA 4: International  Writing Workshop 1 or EXPOS-UA 9: International Writing Workshop 2, the  MAP writing courses required for qualifying International undergraduates.

Graduate students are not eligible to register for these courses under the Expository Writing Program course number (EXPOS UA 20/21.)

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