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Current Teachers

Alsadir, Nuar
Balkan, Aaron
Beebe, Sam
Bennett, Nat
Bernhardt, Kim
Birdsall, Olivia
Bonnaffons, Amy
Braley, Mark
Bromley, Bruce
Bujnowski, Ali
Butler, Stephen
Callihan, Nicole
Carelli, Anthony
Carlson, Katherine
Cayer, Jennifer
Chapis, Jennifer
Chatellier, Courtney
Chessman, Nolan
Creaney, Conor
Cregar, Dave
Dent, Michelle
Dibbern, Doug
Donatelli, Stephen
Doran, Lorraine
Edwards, Alph
Ellis, David
Fay, Elisabeth
Fedosik-Long, Marina
Fitzpatrick, Jameson
Foley, David
Frattarola, Angela
Gassman, Benjamin
Ginder, Grant
Glasberg, Elena
Goldfaden, Josh
Guruianu, Andrei
Heller, Gabriel
Hosig, Amy
Huddleston, Robert
Hyde, Jen
Im, Jeannie
Jebsen, Mara
Jockims, Trevor
Joseph, Abigail
Kelley, Austin
Kellum, Dan
Kurkjian, Elizabeth
Lewis, Brooke
Linsky, Elisa
Machlan, Elizabeth
Malvasi, Christine
Martone, Denice
McClelland, Matthew
McClung, Laren
Menely, Daniel
Mikesell, Elizabeth
Mischkot, Jonathan
Mole, Noelle
Momchedjikova, Blagovesta
Morgan, William
Nicholas, Matthew
Nicholls, Kit
O'Donoghue, Gerard
O'Shea, Colm
Olsen, Victoria
Ormrod, Lorelei
Oyola, Osvaldo
Ozawa, Eric
Parmiter, Tara
Percy, Jen
Pierce, Amira
Porte, Rebecca
Quilter, Jenny
Reitzes, Jacqueline
Roosevelt, Maura
Schnairson, Leeore
Schwartz, J. Brian
Shea, Megan
Sherwood, Normandy
Shullenberger, Geoff
Sikorski, Noel
Souffrant, Leah
Stahl, Chris
Stark, Rachael
Stein, Madeleine
Stewart, Ben
Stone, Emily
Stone, Hillery
Tyrell, Mike
Udko, Zach
Villanueva, Ronald
Wall, Christopher
Wallace, Sara
Warner, Justin
Weber, Joshua
Weinert-Kendt, Laura
Weiss, Greg
Weitzel, William
Wilson, Michelle
Xie, Jenny
Yesnowitz, Amanda
Youngerman, Ethan

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Prospective Teachers

The Expository Writing Program provides unique opportunities for teachers to work closely with undergraduates in challenging writing classes.

Teachers work under the supervision of experienced directors who establish goals for the writing program, help teachers plan and develop courses, evaluate their classes, and present each year a series of faculty development workshops on subjects ranging from critical reading to the assessment of student writing.

Over the last several years, teachers at EWP have earned special recognition at national writing conferences where they have presented papers and workshops that have grown out of their experiences in the writing program; they have published as well in academic journals devoted to teaching.

Dara Regaignon
Director, EWP

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Applying to EWP

Language Lecturers

The Expository Writing Program at New York University invites applications for lecturer positions. These are full time, non-tenure track, one year appointments, subject to renewal. Lecturers teach six writing sections or their equivalent over the academic year and participate in faculty development activities. The Program requires three years of teaching writing at a college or university. A PhD is preferred. We will begin reviewing applications in January for Fall 2015 appointments and continue until positions are filled, subject to budgetary and administrative approval. Your application should include: cover letter; current CV; recent sample of your own writing (15-page max.); a student paper that represents advanced work; assignments for that paper; a studentís responses to those assignments; and a brief reflective letter in which you first assess the studentís written performance and then your own teaching performance. The assessment of your work should focus on the relationship between your teaching and the studentís accomplishments and shortcomings.

Please send your application to the committee addressed to:

Christine Jensch, Program Administrator
Expository Writing Program, NYU
411 Lafayette Street, Room 438
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212.998.8865

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