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For general inquiries about the Expository Writing Program or to make an appointment with a Director, contact:

    Expository Writing Program (EWP)
    New York University
    411 Lafayette, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10003
    Telephone: (212) 998-8860
    FAX: 212 995-4376
    Email: ewp@nyu.edu

To make an appointment with the Writing Center at the Washington Square campus (you must come in person to make your first appointment, but can telephone for subsequent appointments), contact:

For the Writing Center at the Brooklyn Campus, please visit: http://nyupoly.mywconline.com.
Our Directors
  • Dara Regaignon, Director, EWP
  • Denice Martone, Director of International Writing
  • Benjamin Stewart, Director of Faculty Development: Teaching development, educational activities
  • Stephen Donatelli, Director of Writing in the Disciplines: Writing-intensive course development, discipline-specific faculty consultations
  • William Morgan, Director of the Writing Center: Writing Center activities, Writing Proficiency exam
Our Staff
Our Teachers

See EWP Teachers for biographies of our faculty.

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