Glossary | A/V Glossary

1/8" Stereo Cable (aka. Mini-Stereo Cable)

A 1/8" stereo cables are generally seen as headphone jacks in popular commercial appliances such as laptops, mp3 players, or CD players; any standard headphone jack will be compatible with an 1/8" stereo cable.

16mm Film Projector

A film projector designed to project 16mm film.

35mm Film Projector

A film projector designed to project 35mm film.

35mm Slide Projector

A projector designed to project 35mm slides.

Academic Year Loan

An Academic Year Loan allows you to keep the equipment for the entire Academic Year and return it on the last day of the second Summer Session.

Audio Mixer

A device used to combine multiple microphones together to go to one output.

AV Equipment Control System

A device used to combine multiple microphones together to go to one output.AV Equipment Control System Refers to an AV equipment and environment control system accessed either by a touch panel or wall buttons.

Blu-ray Disc

An optical disc format designed to display high definition video and store large amounts of data.


Non-technical term for a portable unit that plays CDs and usually audio cassettes.


A consumer grade video camera used to record to VHS or SD Card, and playback video recorded on videotapes or on solid-state devices. See (VHS, SDCARD)


A trademarked name for a self-contained slide projector that can project onto a built-in screen. Can also be projected on to a wall. Typically has a cassette player attached for synchronized audio playback.

Cassette Recorder / Player

A device that records audio or plays audio from a cassette tape.

Clicker (Student Response System)A hand-held device used for polling student's question responses, testing, and attendance.

Course Capture Device

A recording device which captures any combination of audio, video and computer images presented during a class for future playback and archiving.

Data Projector

See (Multi-Media Projector)


A unit that can play back either DVDs, CDs or VHS videotapes.

Document Camera (aka. Video Presenter)

A device used to project both transparencies and 3-dimensional objects placed on its viewing platform. It is used in conjunction with a video projector to project the image on to a screen.


Acronym for Digital Versatile (or Video) Disc. A disc that holds data for use within a DVD player or a PC. A burned (recorded) DVD (not commercially produced) comes as a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW. The information stored on DVDs can either be stored as text files, images, video or any combination. Compatibility with all DVD players and computers is not guaranteed. See also (DVD Regions)

DVD Regions

To protect copyright and film distribution rights, motion picture studios separate different areas of the world into Regions.

There are 6 major and 2 specialized regions:

REGION 1 -- USA, Canada

REGION 2 -- Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Greenland

REGION 3 -- S.Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Parts of South East Asia

REGION 4 -- Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (including Mexico)

REGION 5 -- Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa

REGION 6 -- China

REGION 7 -- Reserved for Unspecified Special Use

REGION 8 -- Reserved for Cruise Ships, Airlines, etc...

DVD Region Free

A term denoting a multi-region enabled DVD system designed to playback domestic and foreign DVDs.

Mac Laptop

A portable computer which uses the Apple operating system.

Mac Adapter

In order to connect a Macintosh laptop to a projector, one usually needs an adapter that transforms the signal to a VGA signal. There is not one single adapter, for Apple has changed the nature of the Mac's output. There are at least 3 different adapters available. (Click here for information on Mac Adapters)


Used to amplify a voice for projecting to a larger audience. This can refer to a Wired or Wireless Microphone. The 2 most common types are handheld or lavaliere. See (Wireless Microphone)

Mini-Stereo Cable

See (1/8" Stereo Cable)


A device that displays images from a computer or video source. Also referred to as a flat screen monitor or flat panel monitor.

Multi-Media Projector

A projection device, typically hung from a classroom ceiling that displays images from a variety of sources, such as laptops, DVD/VHS players and document cameras.


A skilled technician who operates AV equipment during an event.

Overhead Projector

Projects transparencies.

PA System

Used to project/amplify sound from a microphone or program source (e.g. DVD player)

Pick-up/Return Daily

When a user picks up equipment from our office before each class. The user (or a person designated by the user) is responsible for returning the equipment after each class.

Projection Screen

A white surface where pictures can be projected for display and viewing.

Semester Loan

When a user picks up the equipment at the beginning of the semester and returns it at the end of the semester. The user is responsible for the equipment for the entire semester.

SD CARD (Secure Digital)

Is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices.


Developed to solve a situation where more people might attend an event than the room can hold. A video signal, along with audio of the event is captured using a video camera and the signal is sent through cabling into another location and displayed on either a television or video projector, or a combination of the two.

SMART Board An interactive whiteboard with Touch Screen technology. The user interacts with the board using a pen or finger.

Smart Classroom

A classroom with installed media equipment such as a data/video projector, computer, DVD/VCR, document camera, sound system, Internet connection or any combination of these various pieces of equipment.

SMART Podium (interactive pen display)

An interactive screen that allows the user to interact with the screen with a tethered pen or finger.

Tablets (Mobile Device)A wireless hand-held computing device, populated with various Apps (software). It allows the user to make annotations directly on the device.


Video Cassette Recorder. Usually refers to a VHS videotape player/recorder.


A videotape standard that is quickly being replaced by digital technology. Stands for Video Home System (or Standard).


A long-distance audio and video connection between two or more disparate locations which allows participants to interact with each other.

Video Projector

See (Multi-Media Projector)

Video Standards

Television signals and videotapes are produced in various video standards. In America, NTSC is the standard by which we view video. In other countries, it could be PAL or SECAM. This only applies to VHS tapes. DVDs are segregated into Regions. See (DVD Regions)

Visual Presenter

See (Document Camera)

Wireless Internet Connection

A connection used to connect wirelessly to the internet by a network.

Wireless Microphone

A cordless microphone that uses wireless technology to project a speaker's voice through a PA system.

World Deck

A VHS player designed to play back foreign videotapes. See (Video Standards)