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Campus Media Support Services

NYU's Campus Media Support Services is the combined unit, under the Division of Libraries, of Classroom Media Services and Events Media Services. Classroom Media Services provides service and assistance for almost 200 general-purpose classrooms located throughout the NYU campus. Events Media Services provides specialized media services, equipment and operators for extra-curricular activities and special events which occur outside the class structure.

Event Media Services

These policies apply to the University Community. For non-University Community requests please see the separate item listed below. Events Media Services provides specialized media services, equipment and operators for extra-curricular activities and special events such as conferences, lectures, debates and panel discussions. Our event services staff is trained to handle events that are technically and logistically complex. Events Media Services also works with other members of the NYU community to support live events, which may require teleconferencing, web-casting, and/or video simulcasting.

Non NYU Events Services

We do services external clients, however a different rate is charged to all external clients, non-NYU affiliated Events servicing and support requests. Please call us for additional information 212-998-2655.

Datelines for Event Requests

All equipment and service reservations for Events occurring during a weekday, must be requested with a minimum of 2 business days prior to the actual Event's date; for Events taking place during the weekend, requests must be made at least 5 days prior to the Event's date. For any Event cancellation, we require a four hour minimum notice before the Event's start time (Our office hours are: Mondays through Thursdays 8AM to 7PM; Fridays 8AM to 7PM); however, for weekend scheduled Events we require cancellation on Friday before 4PM or charges for the reserved Event will be applied. Please note that Event Media Services reserves the right to reject or cancel any Event that does not abide to the aforementioned time requirements.

Late Reservation

Due to the high volume of requests for our services, any last-minute requests for Events servicing/equipment may require that the equipment be offered as a pick-up service only if possible. Also, additional charges will apply to all "rush orders".

Events Billing

Account Number is required for all Events servicing and support requests. For our external, Non-NYU affiliated client please make checks out to "NYU".

Pick-Up Service

Some of our equipment is offered as pick-up equipment and in some cases as self-service only; this requires that users come to our office for all pre-booked equipment and demos. Pick-up only equipment includes laptops and self-service Digital Camcorders. Campus Media is located in the basement of the SILVER BUILDING (100 Washington Square East, RM LL7A).

Office Hours

Events Media Services: currently operates Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00AM to 10:00PM, and Fridays from 8AM to 8PM, with no staffing or equipment available for Saturdays or Sundays except only by special requests and the availability of staff, consequently all weekend Events will be billed as Overtime which implies that all charges will reflect our Overtime rate.

Faculty Demonstrations & Assistance

Classroom Media Services provides equipment demonstrations for portable and installed Classroom Media AV equipment throughout each semester and also offers training classes before the start of each semester. Please contact us for assistance at 212.998.2655 or fill out an CLASSROOM EQUIPMENT REQUEST form.

Videotaping Services

While we do provide digital video camcorders, Events Media Services does not provide operators for videotaping of events; all our digital camcorders are booked as self-service/use equipment. The "NYU TV Center" will the best source for videotaping services that require operators. For more information, please contact NYU TV Center by calling 212.998.5168 or visiting their website: NYU TV Center.