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Campus Media Support Services

NYU's Campus Media Support Services is the combined unit, under the Division of Libraries, of Classroom Media Services and Events Media Services. Classroom Media Services provides service and assistance for almost 200 general-purpose classrooms located throughout the NYU campus. Events Media Services provides specialized media services, equipment and operators for extra-curricular activities and special events which occur outside the class structure.

Classroom Media Services

NYU's Classroom Media Services provides service and assistance for NYU classes - defined by an official NYU course number for almost 200 general-purpose classrooms located throughout the NYU campus. Below are our department policies as related to equipment reservations and technical assistance.

Two-Business Day Notice

In order to best prepare and serve our faculty, we ask that a minimum of two-business days notice be given when requesting equipment from Classroom Media Services. While we understand that last-minute changes do occur, we also serve a large campus and faculty and cannot guarantee service without two-business days notice.

Late Reservation

Due to the high volume of equipment requests, we cannot guarantee availability of equipment at late notice.

Pick-Up Service

Classroom Media Services provides equipment, such as laptops (PC & MAC), remote controls and wireless lavaliere microphones ONLY as a pick-up service. This requires that faculty, or designee, come to our office, located in the basement of the Silver Center Building, Room LL7A. Pick-up equipment requires a department account number.

Account Number

We require account number for the following equipment: laptops, wireless microphones, pick-up video projectors, mp3 recorders, and digital video cameras.

Retain for a Semester (Semester Loan)

We define semester loan as equipment which is picked up by the user at the beginning of the semester and returned at the end of the semester. In this scenario the user is responsible for the equipment for the duration of the semester. We offer a limited supply of PC and Mac laptops, remote controls (for the DVD/VCR units), wireless lavaliere microphones and video projectors available for semester loan. Equipment which has been loaned out for the semester must be returned no later than the last day of classes for the semester in which it was used.

Pick-Up/Return Daily

As defined, means faculty, or designee, can pick-up equipment before EVERY class and return the equipment at the conclusion of EVERY class. Equipment must be returned to our office one hour after class end-time. The faculty may designate an individual to pick up equipment on their behalf. The Campus Media office is located in the basement of the Silver Building (#31) - 100 Washington Square East, RM LL7A

Videotaping Services

Classroom Media Services offers a limited number of digital video camcorders, however we do not provide operators for videotaping of classes.

Faculty Demonstrations & Assistance

Classroom Media Services provides equipment demonstrations for Classroom Media AV equipment throughout each semester and also offers training classes before the start of each semester. Please contact us for assistance at 212.998.2655 or fill out an EQUIPMENT REQUEST form on our web site to arrange for a one-on-one demonstration.