Calabash: A Journal of Carribean Arts and Letters
Volume 3, number 2/ FALL-WINTER 2005

In this Issue

from the editor
Preface: A Tribute To Grenada
by Dolace McLean
Please Help the Grenada Arts Council
by Suelin Low Chew Tung
Night Light
(Ode to Bolans Village, Antigua-'Home')

Color of Love
by Monique S. Simón

Calabash Moon
Codename: Breadfruit
Dispatch, A Scene from Paradise Lost
Kettles and Whisling Holes
Like Unto A Mustard Seed
Summer Essence
The Home Liberation Front
Woe and Redemption
by Dana Gilkes

The Nation Mourns
by Trevor Peters

Notes About the Moon my Favorite Stellar Body of the Moment in Half Translation
by Sandy Jimenez

Six Poems About the Little Island of Mine
Seis Poemas de mi Isla Pequeña
by Jina Ortiz

For the Girls
December Clean
Sojouner's Song
by Nadine Rogers

Mixed Gyal
by Genessa Jagdeo

Sunday Morning
Swan Song
Three Haiku for me and my Friends who are too Deep for our own Damn Good
by Paula David

The Honey-Gatherer
Road Show
by Rohan Preston

Thirty Years Later
Boy Cousin
Kendal Krash-1957
by Delores Gauntlett

Visual Arts

»  Creative Arts: Grenada's Best Practice
by Suelin Low Chew Tung

»  Visual Arts in Grenada
by Susan Mains

»  Heeding the Mermaid's Instructions
by Eric Johnn

»  A Carriacouan View of the African Diaspora
by Donald R. Hill

»  Gallery of Grenadian Artists
by Various Grenadian Artists

Roger Brathwaite: The Damage is Already Done

»  Betsy
»  Jopie(A Dutch Language Translation of "Betsy")
by Clark Accord

»  Pynter Bender
by Jacob Ross

»  Gone
»  Still Here
by Keshia James

»  Slow Down Freight Train
by Maureen Roberts


»  Working out Grenada:
An Interview With Merle Collins

by Jacqueline Bishop and Dolace McLean

»  Painting With Words And Make Us See:
Lorna Goodison's Controlling Silver

by Michela A. Calderaro

book reviews

»  Redifining the Concept of God:
A Review of Yván Silén's La Muerte De Mamá

»   Una Resena De La Muerte De Mama De Yvan Silen
by Maria Luisa Ruiz

»  Callaloo:
A Review of the Anthology Voices in a New Dawn

by Maureen Roberts

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