Calabash: A Journal of Carribean Arts and 
Volume 3, Number 1 / Fall-Spring 2004


Point Samana
Madison Smartt Bell

A Carnival Incident
Mr. Rhumbay
Hamilton Daniel
Gus Edwards

Surrounded by Fireflies
A Gift of Easter Lilies
Rahda Krishna Ramsumair

Responding in Kind
Jumbie from Bordeaux
Celeste Rita Baker


I am the Line Break of Desire: A Conversation with Shara McCallum
Michela A. Calderaro

On the Descendants of Paule Marshall
Trevor Peters

Review of Madison Smartt Bell's "The Stone That the Builder Refused"
Dolace McLean

Visual Arts     

Still in the Chicken Coop: A Conversation with Visual Artist Deborah Grant
Dwight C. Maxwell

Deborah Grant picture


The Woman in the Park
A Conversation with my Grandmother
The Same Conversation with my Grandmother
Jacqueline Bishop

City Blackout
Sidney's Kidneys
Re: John
Chez Zouhra
Peggy Garrison

A Fisherman's Tale
Dwight Maxwell

The Blue Hole
Blind Swimmers
Cruelty Sea Maid
Morning Bird
Island Haikus
Party at the House of Isis
Susan Brennan

Casting Spells
Notes from Lee Malvo's Cell
Nadine Rodgers

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