Calabash: A Journal of Carribean Arts and Letters
Volume 2, number 1/ FALL 2002

In this Issue

Poetry DRAMA
Yard Fowl
The Secret Of Flying Close To The Sun
The Secret Of Crusoe's Parrot
Riddle No. 1
Riddle No. 2
by Olive Senior

by Danielle Legros Geoges

Parrot Music Box
Late At Night Knitting
by Y C Murphy

by Christian A Campbell

Before Electricity
Those Were My Young Green Days
Full Bloom
Calling Me Back Home
by Jacqueline Bishop

by Susan Brennan

Caliban Calypso
by Pamela Mordecai

Tanty Joan at the Airport
by N'Maya Patricia

So Much Like My Father
Lo que se va en la noche
Las Ausencias
by Virgil Suarez

tengo una pena en el alma
by Janet Arelis Quezada

A View
Keeping Dreams
by Enith Tate

by Louisa Nurse

by Jennifer Walcott

a study in students
by Claire Ince

Dear Claude
by Maggie Harris

the leaving
by Quraysh Ali Lasana

A Palace Of Mourners
Rhythms, Memories & Whips
by Patrick Sylvain

Maria Antonio
by Eugenia Hernandez Espinoza
with an Introduction by Christopher Winks

Prison Bread
by Enith Martin Williams

The Southernmost Point
by Lourdes Vazquez

Brown Girl In The Ring
by Jacqueline Bishop

Calypso Man's Blues
by Gus Edwards

This Place
by James Carmicheal

Fight On The Playground
by Billison O Hainsley

Cover from Volume 2, Number 1
Cover from Vol 2 No 1

The Meeting Place of Creole Culture: A Conversation With Earl Lovelace
by Patricia J Saunders

Cruising: Contemporary Art of the Anglophone Carribean
by Kevin Clark Power

Death & Apathy at the Crossroads
by Patrick Sylvain

Writing the Self, the Self that Writes
by Shara McCallum

Tur hende a papia un ko - African Curacoan Women
by Rose Mary Allen

Words Give Love Too: A Review
by Michela A Calderaro

Micheal Richards
by Christine Y Kim, Franklin Sirmans