Calabash: A Journal of Carribean Arts and Letters
Volume 1, Number 2 / Spring-Summer 2001
In this issue...
Poetry Fiction

For Sisi
Do You Remember
I Did Not Follow
In The Depth Of The Night
by Dorus Vrede

Sweet Lianas / Lanes Douches
by Joseph Zobel

Koromantyn Girl
by June Spaulding

Silk Cotton Tree
Dream Season
by Hazel Simmons-McDonald

Next-Door Patient / Pashent aki banda
My Love, A Ribbon In The Wind/ Mi Amor, Un Sinta
by Nydia Ecury

Title Deed
Visit and Fellowship
Direction II
by Lasana Sekou

Under The Spell Of A Max Ernst Sky
Vampire Fleeing Approaching Light
by Felix de Rooy

by Gibi Bacilio

Sycorax, Requiem
by John Keene

Lemon Tree
by Shara McCallum

The Charm Of Repeating Islands
The Maker Of Mango Marmalade
Latin Jazz Burial Borinquen Style
Raspita, Or Doña Inez Blushes
Tio Anibal
En el Jardin de los Espejos Quebrados
by Virgil Suarez

by Opal Palmer Adisa

A Saltwater Negro Speaks/ Demande Moi
by Ernest Pepin

Dear Brer Rabbit
by Winston Farrell

Tough Act
by Carol Bourne

Full Moon
by Gerthie Owtram

The Mango Virgin
by Shayla Hawkins

I Don't Speak French
by Isabelle-Pierre Rollin

I Glad Fuh De Res
by Deanne Kennedy

Edouard Duval=Carrie
Cover from Vol 1 No 2,
© Eduoard Duval-Carríe

Return to Old Lombe
by Dorus Vrede

Raven In My Arms
by Monique S Simon

The Eleven Plus
by Deanne Kennedy

The Many Faiths Of Sir Wilfred Knight
by Robert Edison Sandiford


Recovering History Bone By Bone: An Interview With Edwidge Danticat
by Myriam J A Chancy

A Taste Of Coffee: An Essay
by Edwidge Danticat

Promises Should Be Kept
No Matter What
Which Other One
by Nydia Ecury

Modern Literature In English In The Dutch Windward Islands
by Fabian Adekunle Badejo

A Writer In The Carribean
by Opal Palmer Adisa

The Visual Art of the Francophone Carribean
by Dominique Brebion

España inmortal - Lorenzo Homar's Prints
by Micheal A Brown

Tropical Excess: Carribean Art & The Baroque
by Gerard Dapena

Spirit Travellers: Painting By Edouard Duval-Carrie
by Edward J Sullivan

Artist Statement
by Duval-Carrie Edouard

Artist Statement
by Tony Monsanto

True Music Of The Spheres: A Review Of Paule Marshall's The Fisher King
by Michela A Calderaro

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