Calabash: A Journal of Carribean Arts and 
Volume 1, NUMBER 1 / September 2000
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Curry Powder
Alzheimer's Disease
by Christian A Campbell

The Last Resort
by Ann Wood Fuller

by Dana Gilkes

Carribean Fresco
by Jose B Gonzales

Notes For An Emancipation Poem
by Drisana Deborah Jack

Stripper, Or What's In A Name
by Deanne Kennedy

Untitled I
Untitled IV
by Anu Lakhan

The Woman Who Was Not My Grandmother
What Patrimony Can Do To A Body
by Dwight Maxwell

Six Ways Of Envisioning Loss
What I Want
The Spider Speaks
by Shara McCallum

Kamau's Spider
Sea Jazz
by Sandra E Morris

An Attractive Middle-Aged Woman Dines Out
Une Seduisante Femme D'age Mur Dine Dehors
by Gerthie Owtram

On A Journey To Discover Her Carribean Ingredient
by Miriam Sa'uda Perez

I Think I Saw Apollo Weeping
by Felix de Rooy

I Remember Two Seasons
by June Spalding

Two Guavas
Visiting The Dead
by Lidia Torres

The Exile's Return
The Exile
by Evie Vernon

Transferring The Carribean Babylon To The Stage: An Interview With Gus Edwards
by Michela A Calderaro

The Unbridled Sea: A Review Of Shara McCullum's, "The Sea Beneath Us"
by Michelle A Calderaro

The Visual Arts Of Aruba And The Netherlands Antilles
by Marianne de Tolentino

 Cover: vol1 no 1
"La Combate de Cohones y Iguana"
Image © Tony Monsatto
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Mommie, My Star Pupil
by Opal Palmer Adisa

Watching and Waiting
by James Carmicheal

by Adrian Clarke

The Duppy Coconut Tree
by Marsha E Coburn

The Story of Dance and Rain
Histoire de Danse et de Pluie
by Louis-Phillippe Dalembert


An Exercise in Discipline
by Deanne Kennedy

The Verandah
by Clifford Mason

Vanishing Point
by Thomas McConnell

On The Side
by Anton Nimblett

Mr. Hugo
by Jennifer Palmer