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The University's Electronic Suite system is the official means of generating tuition bills to enrolled students. All students who enroll for courses will receive an email at their official NYU email address ( notifying them a bill for tuition, fees and housing is now available. The eBill notification will ONLY be sent to this address. 

The eBill shows charges and credits for the upcoming semester as well as any balance from a previous semester. Credits listed on this statement of account include both anticipated and actual financial aid. Anticipated credits refer to aid that has not been disbursed as of the date of the bill.

Electronic bills are generated to each month while the student has an outstanding balance. These bills are payable upon receipt.  

You must pay both the current and prior term balances in order for your registration to be processed.

Current Activity Information:

*Please Note: The Electronic bill is a monthly billing statement, and you will only receive an Electronic bill if you have a balance on your account. If you recently registered for additional courses, the account charges may not be reflected on your Electronic bill. It will be reflected in your next Electronic bill, if you have an outstanding balance.

*However students and parents can view real-time account activity through the eSuite:

  • View Activity (found under the My Account tab), or
  • Account Activity since your Last Statement (found under the eBill tab)

Methods of Payment:

The balance due on your Statement of Account can be paid with electronic checks, personal checks, bank drafts, money orders, and/or wire transfers. If your account requires payment by certified check or money order, you may not make payment by electronic check.