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Academic Year 2014-2015

School of Professional Studies (Graduate)
Full time students, tuition, 10 to 12 units flat rate, per term $17,008.00
     Nonreturnable registration and services fee for flat rate, per term $1,049.00
Additional tuition, 13 or more units per term, per unit
(includes a nonreturnable registration and services fee of $65.00)
Tuition, per unit $1,700.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee:
     First unit Fall Term 2014 $461.00
     First unit Spring Term 2015 $461.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee, per unit, for registration after first unit $65.00

Maintaining Matriculation Fee

School of Professional Studies students who are not enrolled in any classes, but are maintaining matriculation for the term are required to pay a of $461.00 Maintaining Matriculation Fee per term.

A non-refundable registration and services fee of $461.00 is applicable per term. The total of both fees to maintain matriculation is $922.00.

Disclaimer: The Board of Trustees of New York University reserves the right to alter the schedule of fees without notice