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Activate Direct Deposit of Student Refunds via NYU Albert

NYU has launched an enhanced electronic suite (eSuite). If you are a current NYU student and would like to sign up for the direct deposit of your student refunds, you can do so by logging into the new Albert Student Center via NYUHome. Once you are logged onto the eSuite website, you can add and manage your banking information and receive student refunds electronically.

NOTE: Even if you have already signed up to receive your refund via direct deposit, you MUST still add your banking account information in the new system.

How to Sign Up for the Direct Deposit of Student Refunds?

  1. Login to the Albert Student Center via NYUHome
  2. Under the Finances menu, click the "View Bursar Account" link
  3. Once in the NYU eSuite, click the eRefunds button (at the top of the page)
  4. Click the "Set up Account" button


Why Sign Up for the Direct Deposit of Student Refunds?

Direct Deposit is the fastest and most secure way to receive your refund. By electing this option, a student's refund will be directly deposited into their checking account, at the financial institution of choice, which will ultimately be faster than waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • Reliable and Faster:
    The electronic transfer of funds is the best way to receive your refund money fast. It is quicker and more efficient than receiving your check in the mail.
  • Here's the reason why:
    By electing the Direct Deposit process, your refund money will automatically be deposited directly into your bank account, thereby eliminating the 3 to 10 days of mailing time.
  • Convenience:
    No pacing by the mailbox, or wasting time waiting on lines at the bank because your refund money will automatically be deposited into your account.
  • Security:
    Your check cannot become lost or stolen.
  • Flexibility:
    Switching accounts or changing banks is easy. Just log onto the NYU Office of the Bursar eSuite via the Albert Student Center.