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How Will I Be Notified That a Refund Has Been Put Into My Checking Account?

You will sent an e-mail notification to your NYUHome e-mail address informing you the date your refund was processed as well as the amount.

What Happens if I Change Banks or Decide to Cancel Direct Deposit?

If you decide to change banks or cancel direct deposit, you may do so by logging onto the Office of the Bursar eSuite via the Albert Student Center.

Will I Be Able to Receive a Check for Part of My Refund and Have the Rest Deposited Directly to My Account?

With direct deposit, the entire amount of your refund must be deposited to your bank account.

If my parents have an NYU eSuite account, can they sign up for Direct Deposit?

No, for security purposes, only students are authorized to sign up for the direct deposit of refunds. All refunds processed to an Undergraduate PLUS Loan borrower will be mailed out in the form of a check.

With Direct Deposit, Can the University Take Money Out of My Account or Obtain Confidential Information About Me?

No, only you can approve the withdrawal of money from your account. The university does not have access to your account balance or any other personal information. We only have access to information you provided on your direct deposit authorization form. Receiving your money through direct deposit is also more confidential than being paid by check because fewer people are involved in the delivery and deposit of your payment.