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Apply Online for Tuition Remission

All NYU Schools with the exception of SPS Non-Credit can apply for Tuition Remission online. This automated system is available to eligible full-time employees, their spouses/domestic partners, dependents and retirees who have access to NYUHome. However, only NYU employees will be able to log onto the Tuition Remission System and process remission for themselves or their eligible family members. Please note that employees must have given proof of that relationship to the NYU Benefits Office prior to applying for tuition remission. To view eligibility requirements visit the NYU Human Resources website. Please allow one business day after registration for your record to be updated before applying for tuition remission.

School of Professional Studies (SPS) Non-credit

Please note this automated tuition remission process is not currently available for those registered for SPS Non-credit courses. Please download a paper tuition remission form from the NYU Human Resources website and submit the completed form when registering at the SPS Non-credit Registration Office, after you have completed registration.


Only retirees with an active NYU Net ID can use the automated tuition remission system. If you are a retiree and do not have an active NYU Net ID, then you must download a paper tuition remission form from the NYU Human Resources website.

Accessing the Tuition Remission System:

How to Apply for Tuition Remission Online

After initial course registration, the eligible NYU employee signs onto NYUHome and enters their NYU Net ID and Password.

  1. Click the Work tab
  2. Under the Administrative Systems heading, click Login, which brings the employee to the Tuition Remission System Sign-On page
  3. Once again, enter your NYU-Net ID and Password
  4. Click Tuition Remission System
  5. Follow the steps to submit your Tuition Remission application

NYU employess enrolled in Graduate programs:

Tuition remission is taxable at the gift tax rate for NYU employees enrolled in Graduate programs.

  • Taxable Tuition Remission Schedule

  • NYU Payroll calendars

    If you are submitting a Statement of Job Relatedness form, please ensure that it is completed and submitted to the Office of the Bursar at least two weeks before the close of your pay period prior to taxation in that term to avoid taxation. Tax reimbursements through Payroll cannot be guaranteed if the form is submitted after Payroll has started taxation for that term.

  • The Statement of Job Relatedness can be found here.