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An Electronic bill is emailed to your official NYUHome email address each month, (on these billing dates), while you have an outstanding balance. *Please note: It will only be be sent your NYUHome address. It will not be provided to a secondary email address in the Albert Student Information System.

*Please Note: The Electronic bill is a monthly billing statement, and you will only receive an Electronic bill if you have a balance on your account. If you recently registered for additional courses, the account charges may not be reflected on your Electronic bill. It will be reflected in your next Electronic bill, if you have an outstanding balance.

*However, students can verify their Amount Due in real-time, by logging onto the NYU Electronic Suite (eSuite) via the Albert Student Center. You can verify payments posted in real-time in the "Account Activity since your Last Statement section." Students can also invite parents or other users to create their own eSuite account. Click here for more eSuite information.

Once logged into the eSuite, you can pay the bill via an electronic check, by clicking the green "MAKE A PAYMENT" button. The amount due will include all charges and credits on your account at that time. The amount due will include prior term balances (if any) through the date of your last statement. For students participating in the Deferred Payment Plan, the amount due will not include the Payment Plan amount until this amount becomes due.

Look up Tuition Balance:

To look up outstanding balance:

  1. Log into NYUHome and click the ACADEMICS TAB
  2. Click the ALBERT LOGIN button
  3. Click the STUDENT CENTER link
  4. Once in the Albert Student Center, the student clicks on the VIEW BURSAR ACCOUNT link, located under the Finances menu. This will link the student to the secure eSuite website.
  5. Once in the NYU eSuite, click the VIEW ACCOUNT ACTIVITY button.

Paying the Account Balance:

The balance due on your Electronic bill can be paid with electronic checks, personal checks, bank drafts, and/or money orders. If your account requires payment by certified check or money order, you may not make payment by electronic check.

Pay using an Electronic check

A convenient way to pay your tuition balance is by logging onto the NYU eSuite and by using an Electronic check. In order for parents/authorized users to make an eCheck payment, the student must invite them to create an eSuite account.

Paying your bill by an electronic check will initiate the transfer of funds from your bank account within one to two business days. Payments can be made by accessing the NYU eSuite. Payment will be reflected on your Bursar student account immediately.

Please be advised that this service is not available if payment is being made from a home equity line of credit account. You must submit your home equity line of credit check directly to the NYU Office of the Bursar.

Paying by a Personal Check

If you are paying by personal check, the check must be payable to New York University in U.S. currency. Please write your student ID number on your check. Postdated checks will not be accepted.

Please mail the remittance portion of your Statement of Account along with your check only to:

New York University
General P.O. Box 30826
New York, NY 10087-0826

All Express Mail or extraneous material must be mailed to:

New York University
Office of the Bursar
25 West 4th Street, Ground Level
New York, NY 10012

Arrears Policy

The University reserves the right to deny registration and withhold all information regarding the record of any student who is in arrears in the payment of tuition, fees, loans, or other charges (including charges for housing, dining, or other activities or services) for as long as any arrears remain.